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Why We Row: Dale’s Story

We caught up with Ocean Rower Dale Smith and he shared his story with us.

Bear with me as I tell you a story of an amazing man, Alan Alderman, and his commitment to make a difference. 5 years ago Tim Ryan came up to me at a party and asked if I was interested in joining him on “An adventure of a lifetime?” I said, “Maybe, what is it?” He told me that he’d send a link and to check my inbox.

The next morning I did only to discover a link to the Atlantic Campaigns trans-Atlantic row. I immediately said, “No, not interested!” He told me to wait until I met Alan Alderman another who had committed to the crew before making my decision. When I met Alan it did change my mind. Alan was diagnosed with ALS over 20 years ago and told that he had 2-5 years to live. He rapidly deteriorated but after a few years, the deterioration slowed. Ever since he has been devoted to raising money and awareness for this debilitating disease. So with a crew of 5, we departed from The Canary Islands on December 12th, 2018. 51 days and 3500 miles later we arrived in Antigua (see below photo.) Alan was an inspiration to us all as he took control of the rudder for 10 hours a day, never missing a shift!

Well, we are at it again. This time the Pacific from Monterey to Kaua’i. We launch on June 12th, 2023. You can follow us on the app YB Races and the race is called the Great Pacific Race 2023. It will be up on the app after we launch on June 12th.

We are raising money for the University of Utah Neurosciences Center which is dedicated to finding a treatment and/or cure for ALS. Please visit our website, and if you have been touched in any way by this terrible disease, please consider making a donation to the cause

Thank you!