2,800 miles across the Pacific Ocean. In a rowboat.

The ROW4ALS team is training and gearing up for the 2023 Pacific Row, from Monterey Bay to Kauai, leaving June 12, 2023.


The Inaugural Pacific Race

The boats used in the race are approximately 8 meters in length and just under 2 meters in width. They feature a small cabin for protection against storms. However, no help or additional food or water is allowed once the crossing begins. The teams must endure the challenges of 40 feet waves, tropical storms, and sweltering heat throughout the grueling 2,800 mile journey.

The Pacific challenge if a relatively new and untouched route, providing fresh opportunities, chances to set new World Records, and once in a lifetime experiences.

2023 Pacific Row


2023 Row4ALS Rowing Team

On June 12, 2023 these three will depart Monterey Bay in California and row 2,800 miles to Hanalei in Kauai, Hawaii.

Tim Ryan (he/him)
Dale Smith (he/him)
Abel Ryan (they/them)

Get to know the rowers and the shore crew.


2,800 Miles of Open Ocean

The inaugural Pacific Challenge starts in June 2023 with 14 teams participating from around the World.

This year there are three teams from the USA, Row4ALS, Aloha Kai, and Ohana.

The annual edition of this race will see teams starting from the historic harbour of Monterey, following the path of many adventurers and explorers of yester year. A finish line as unique as Hanalei Bay on the stunning island of Kauai is hard to beat as the backdrop to what will be the most incredible, once in a lifetime adventure.

CountryTeam NameDivision
🇺🇸Aloha KaiPairs
🇦🇹 🇩🇪Pacific FloatersPairs
🇬🇧HODL – Hold on for Dear LifeTrios
🇬🇧Row AuroraTrios
🇬🇧Brothers ‘N OarsFours
🇨🇭🇬🇧Kiwi FondueFours
🇨🇭Ocean’s 4Fours
🇨🇭Pacific DiscoveryFours
🇬🇧Pacific OneFours
🇦🇬Team Antigua Island GirlsFours
🇬🇧Flying FishFives
List of 2023 Pacific Ocean Rowing Teams
map of pacific row

34 days fastest crossing
60 days Row4ALS goal crossing
days average crossing
147 days slowest crossing
2 teams from the U.S.A. 🇺🇸
14 teams registered thus far
36° N 121° W Start: Montery Harbor,
22° N 159° W Finish: Hanalei Bay,
Kauai, Hawaii

The Pacific Ocean is the World’s deepest ocean.

This will be the second ocean row for the Row4ALS team.

Just 82 people in 33 boats have successfully rowed to one of the Hawaiian islands from mainland USA.

The Pacific ocean shrinks by 2cm each year due to the movement of tectonic plates. This means that the Atlantic ocean increases by 2cm each year!

75% of the World’s volcanos are situated in the Pacific ocean basin which is called ‘The Ring of Fire’.

The Pacific Row is shorter than the Atlantic Row by 200 miles, but the route is more difficult, with an estimated 60 day crossing versus 52 days on the Atlantic.

Environmental Commitment

Pack it in, pack it out.

The Row4ALS team and the race organizer, Atlantic Campaigns, are committed to the environment and for care of the ocean. One example of this is the race rule regarding litter.

The race organizer knows how much food each team has taken on board and when they reach Antigua, the organization manually counts each rubbish bag. If they don’t return with all their garbage, they are disqualified.

The 2017/8 Team Antigua raised nearly $100,000 towards creating a marine conservation outside of the Nelson’s Dockyard, the landing spot in Antigua.