Cait is the team’s ocean rowing expert. She knows how to prep for the crossings and she knows the highs and lows of what to expect on the open ocean having rowed the Atlantic in 2015 which took her team of two 58 days.
Considering that Cait physically built the RLAG vessel which the team will be racing, she undoubtedly knows the boat inside and out– from the equipment on board to the very structure and integrity of the vessel.
Cait, Sarah, and Alexa met while rowing in college and the three became fast friends. She met Caz while freelancing in yachting as an assistant deck/engineer.
Cait is known for her positivity; even in the toughest of situations and will be an invaluable member of the team.
She is excited to row for girls because she was inspired from a young age to be involved in outdoor activities and knows how important they can be in shaping lives.


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Cait - Row4ALS