Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong has been an adventure seeking entrepreneur since a young age. Brian grew up in Taylorsville, Utah where he played football for 10 years. While in his last year of high school at just 17, he started his first landscaping company that he ran for 9 years. Brian currently runs and online marketing agency and is a partner in a real estate company called 5050Agents. Brian has always had a competitive attitude and has a desire to push himself to mentally and physically.

Brian first heard about the race from Tim Ryan at a meeting that he was attending with a Bout Time Pub & Grub. Brian remembers Tim saying “I am going to row across the Atlantic Ocean with Alan and some guys from my gym.” Brian thought that these guys were completely nuts to take on such an adventure. As time went on he became more and more intrigued by the idea of pushing his own body and mind to the limits as this race would be doing to the members on this team. Brian traveled with the Row4ALS team to a few of the training rows in Florida and at Bear Lake. In late June there became and opportunity for him to join the team just 5 months from the start of the race and he decided to join in on the adventure of a lifetime.

“I have known Alan for about 5 years through his Annual Golf Tournament. I have always looked up to Alan for his amazing outlook on life and for his commitment to raising awareness for ALS. I am honored that I am able to join this team and row with these selfless individuals in a cause that we hope will impact the world.”

Brian is supported in this grand adventure by his 12 year old son Hunter and network of friends and family.


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Brian Armstrong - Row4ALS